Wednesday, November 23, 2016


This class turned out to be different than I expected. I was not really sure what to think going into an experimental class, but I knew I would like it more than documentary and narrative was full. In the end I had a lot of fun. I had a ton of technical difficulties though, especially with the first project with my film development. It was awful. I am very thankful for my support system. The people in this class are some of the best people I have ever met and I will definitely take another class taught by Andre. I learned a lot about myself as a filmmaker and about experimental films. I also learned that I am interested in checking out the Austin Film Society in case  I want to head that way in the future instead of straight to California.
As I filmmaker, have learned that coming from my art background that experimental is a better fit for me over narrative. I like telling stories, but I can be more creative with experimental. I can do whatever I want physical artwork and I can now film that and edit it funky then book I got an experimental film. I am really excited to try this out in my free time.
Overall I am very grateful for this class and the experience I am walking out with. It also led me in the direction of visions and I cannot wait for that next semester!!


I saw Shirley Gnome on the buzz repeat, the Lumpsucker shorts, Fare, The Love Witch, and Slash. Shirley Gnome was my emcee for a couple showings so when I saw she was one of the repeats on Sunday, I just had to go. Her show was raunchy, and the boys in class were not exaggerating. She can play kazoo with her lady parts.
The Lumpsucker shorts were brutal. The only one I liked was the first was called Curve. Curve showed a woman wake up in a pit made of two curves. We watch her struggle until she thinks she is safe, then it rains. The end. It was intense but very well done.
Unfortunately the shorts were st Jengo's Playhouse and it was a tight fit. I sat on the floor at the top and could see half of every short. The rest of the shorts were either really inappropriate or gruesome. I did not really like the rest of them because they made me uncomfortable. Most shorts were also foreign. The last one was the worst. All I am saying is I could have easily gone my entire life without see those shorts.
I really like Fare, The Love Witch, and Slash. Fare was just a really well done film and I wish it gave me more at the end. It was about a boyfriend and him being an Uber driver catching his lady being a cheat.
The Love Witch was different. At first I was not sure what to think about it. All you know going in is that it's a film meant to look like the 60's but it has newer cars and iPhones. I think it's meant to be comic relief. It was kinda brutal because her lovers died, but I still thought it was cute. She was like this unusually bubbly woman just trying to find love. - it does have a plot twist at the end that you also saw coming. Worth the watch,
Slash was my favourite, I think.
It was cute and was kind of a coming of age film. It's these two teenagers writing fanfiction. They find love in each other and grow a solid friendship. They build up each other's character and I really liked that. It also did not make me uncomfortable or want to vomit. It may have been different but it was worth seeing.
Overall Cucalorus was fun and I can't wait to volunteer next year!

Saturday, November 19, 2016

Post Self Video

I had a fantastic time at the Electric Daisy Carnival and that is what I ended up using for my Self Portrait video project. Unfortunately I got more photos than videos. I especially wish I caught the closing ceremony on my phone because it would have been the perfect end. When I put the video together, it did not look that bad, but in class I was kinda bummed. It was hard to cram everything into 2 minutes. I feel like it could have came out a lot better if it was in 5 minutes. After the feedback in class, I think I might go back and rework it for my own sake because that would be a good way to get more of my friends interested in going. I might try what Andre suggest and play with the beats to make it more smooth sounding. The visuals would still have to be cross dissolved or something similar because it will be obvious that it's not the same if you see the way the stage or closeness to stage shifts. I'm still learning the edits and technicalities of film making, so I'll get it down soon enough! All of this is still fairly new to me, as I come from a 2D design aspect. To reflect on the self portrait, I am excited to rework it and see what happens! Maybe I'll make it more experimental!

Thursday, October 27, 2016

Self Portrait thoughts

The first thing I did was post to both my facebook and instagram asking people what they think about me or what first comes to mind when they hear my name. I got things like "hair, coffee, smiles, happy, loyal, beautiful, follows the rules," "Explorer, wandering, originative," Perfect daughter," "artistic, beautiful, caring, intelligent," "you are the most down to earth, sweetest and most caring person I have ever met."
The list goes on. People had so much to say about me. So many kind words. I would be typing for a while if I recited all of what people have said so far!
One also said I remind her of a lion! I would like to do something with lions for my video. Maybe show how lions are confident and strong and relate it back to me. Most people call me a lion because of my hair or they are trying to call me fierce.
If I don't do that I want to do something revolving around little aspects about myself like how I am an artist, I love lightning, my fave colour is blue, etc.
Ooooor! I could do something around my addiction for concerts. I go to a lot of concerts, I am actually going to an EDM festival in Orlando call the Electric Daisy Carnival here soon and I am so pumped! Then two weeks after that I am going to a small show in Richmond! Concerts are the best.
I'm not sure which direction I will take but I'm sure I'll be happy with whatever I do.

Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Music Video Role

I am given the opportunity to be the director of a music video. Most my music friends are in Boone or Charlotte, so I know their music and how to work with it the best. Danet said she would get back to us with Wilmington musical talent through ACE.
We eventually found Gnarly Feat. By looking at a couple songs from my friend in Boone and Gnarly Feat, I figure we would do a memories type story line. I'm not sure yet how to go about it without being a cliche. Me and Danet, the producer/Art director, will be working out some design kinks to lead us in the right direct. I am super excited for this project though and I think my group will be able to coordinate on ideas really well.

Wednesday, October 5, 2016

What I learned while shooting film?

Good question. Our group (Paul, David, Lauren, and myself) have had a lot of issues while shooting film. We started out a head of the game and some how we have fallen so far behind. The first day the Pentax k1000 were shown to us, I was excited, until I saw our duct tape neck strap. I knew it was trouble at first sight.
In class we briefly learned how it and the light meter works. Then not long after my group got together to start filming. When we first started we did not have the sheet so we got set back, but once we were ready, we went to the forrest preserve to begin our photo journey.
We took day and night photos. I learned that during the day it is really easy to use the light meter and not so easy at night. We may have used our phone flashlights at night to light the image but the light meter could not register well what we were doing. We also did not think about the bulb setting while shooting at night - it could have made for some really great shots. Eventually I was able to understand the bulb setting and will more than likely use it again during reshoots for the project.
We have had to reshoot twice now. With this experience, I know how to load the film properly and I understand better what film to use and what settings work best for it. I also know how to rewind the film without complication after having complications. I also learned that the people at Southeastern Camera are pretty understanding and willing to work with you when something goes wrong. They also do a student discount and have a ton of film product that I will further use.
Despite all our issues, I am grateful for the experience because at the very least it has made me appreciate film and it's delicacy a lot more.

Wednesday, September 28, 2016

The Forest Preserve

This one was fascinating in itself. It was day time, but the forest is very full and shadowy because of the trees. It created this dark ambiance that just felt right. For example, Lauren has red hair and in the light against the trees in was the perfect contrast because light was not overpowering any part of the visual. As we moved further, we went to the pond, and subtle bits of light shimmer on the waters. Over all it was very calming until you got bit by a mosquito.